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What should we pay attention to
What should we pay attention to

What should we pay attention to when skiing and snowboarding?

Pre-Ski Exercises
Pre-Ski Exercises

It is very important to exercise before skiing.

Activities to Do in Erciyes
Activities to Do in Erciyes

Many activities are carried out in Erciyes in the summer and winter seasons.

Efsane Veysel Hoca

Ski Instructor

I, Legendary ski instructor, spent 10 years of my life in the Austrian Arlberg Lech Zürs Tirol Innsbruck Kitzbühel Italy Switzerland ski resorts. I received training in ski sliding techniques at ski schools in Austria, Italy, and Switzerland, and learned performance skiing techniques on snowy, crusty, and icy pistes at high altitudes in the Alps. I underwent extensive education in ski instruction in the Alpine ski resorts of Austria, Italy, and Switzerland for many years. I also learned the German language in Austria.

I successfully completed courses on the theoretical teaching of skiing techniques and methods of teaching how to ski. I acquired information on the locations of ski and snowboard slopes in ski centers according to world and European standards, and took courses on the altitudes of blue, red, and black ski slopes. Later, returning to my country, Turkey, I would like to emphasize that we have ski centers and slopes in our country that rival the Alps. In my city, Kayseri, I would like to point out the alpine slopes of Erciyes Ski Resort.

With the experiences, technical theoretical knowledge, and ski instruction techniques I have gained over the years, I am currently giving ski instruction and teaching ski sliding techniques and theoretical lessons at Erciyes Ski Resort. I am very happy to teach and learn the satisfaction of people on the ski slopes, from ages 3 to 70, including adults and children.

I work as a ski instructor at Erciyes Ski Resort, imparting ski instruction and education to businessmen, artists, students, scientists, athletes, ski enthusiasts, foreign tourists, families, and individuals, making them love and learn skiing, and providing them with the joy of skiing.

Our Summer Season Activities
– Erciyes Mountain Summit Climbing with Mountain Guides
– Travel Trenik Nature Walks
– Rides with ATV Engine
– Our activities start in May for you to live a healthy, stress-free and happy life full of energy in Erciyes Mountain Valleys, Çağlayan Waterfronts and Erciyes Lake Areas.
Detailed information about our programs;

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Benefits of High Altitudes and Fresh Air to the Human Body

– Increases people’s skills and abilities
– Increases happiness hormones
– Increases sociological development and entrepreneurship
– Increases our energetic activity, gives joy of life
– Develops our courage, our self-confidence, our endurance
– Gives mental relaxation, calmness, maturity
– Increases sexual desire
– Increases our cells in our body and our cells are renewed
– The blood in our body becomes redder and our red blood cells multiply
– The skin of our skin becomes smooth and vibrant
– Our capillaries in our body multiply
– Our digestive systems are regulated

Being healthy and healthy is very important. Life is beautiful. Let’s add color to our lives by doing various activities.

The Legendary Teacher

Private ski lesson with the difference of Veysel Teacher

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Practical information

Life Saving, Practical Information that makes you enjoy at the same time..

Mechanical facilities equipped with the latest technology at international standards will transport you to many different places and worlds on Erciyes. With our mechanical facilities serving with a carrying capacity of 26,750 people per hour, you will have the opportunity to watch a unique view from many points on Erciyes, and you will also discover many flower and plant species that only grow in Erciyes. With our “Gondola” transportation system at the Hacılar and Tekir Gate entrances, you will have a comfortable journey indoors with your family, and if you wish, you will have your meal in our facilities or relax with drinks that will warm you up. Erciyes will be a shelter for you to spend a nice day with your family, away from the city life, with its magnificent air and water.

Blue colored ski slopes;

For moderate skiers, minimum 15%, maximum 35% slope, minimum runway width of 30 m. (A blue track may have green and red portions in certain proportions, and these portions affect the overall average slope.)

Red colored ski slopes;

For good skiers and official competition ski slopes, minimum 35%, maximum 60% slope, the minimum track width (according to FIS criteria) is again 30 m. (Inside a red track, there may be blue and black portions, which affect the overall average slopes.)

Black ski slopes;

Difficult tracks have a minimum slope of 60%, a maximum slope of 100% (ie with a maximum angle of 45 degrees), and the minimum track width is between 40 and 60 m. (The greater the steepness, the greater the width) A black runway can have red portions that affect the overall average slope.

The cable car is the general name given to the suspended vehicle that travels between two distant places, by being tied on one or several steel ropes stretched in the air. Cable cars work with the principle of elevator, but they can rise to very high points from the ground, just like a helicopter, especially at valley crossings. The cable car is set up between difficult-to-reach heights. There are also those that exist over a sea or a strait. The places where the cable cars are installed are the regions that are very difficult or very expensive to reach by land, rail and sea. The cable car established between two certain points in such regions is used for the transmission of people or materials. The cable cars where people are transported consist of passenger cabins suspended on steel ropes.
Chairlift is a small type of cable car that is mostly chair-shaped for those installed in ski centers, and mostly cabin-shaped for those working between camps and settlements. Cabin-shaped ones are called gondolas or telekabins in some countries. In some places, both chairs and cabins can be located on the same line.

Chairlifts are divided into 2 types as fixed and detachable clamps. Fixed-clamp chairlifts are used with a maximum speed of 3 m/s and chairs for 2/4/6 people. Detachable chairlifts with high speed and capacity can be used with 6 mt./sec speed and chairs for 4/6/8 people. The longest chairlift in Turkey is established between the camping areas Sarıalan and Çobankaya in Bursa Uludağ. The length of the line is 3,000 meters. This chairlift consists of both two-person cabins and two-person chairs.

Teleskis, which are designed to be used in ski centers, lift the skiers from the lower point to the upper point by pulling them with the T-Bar (Equipment that provides the pulling task). Teleskis included in the fixed-clamp ropeway group; It is used for short distances in ski resorts. However, teleskis have some drawbacks. Since they carry skiers on the runway without raising them to a certain height like other types of cable cars, there is a high risk of collision between skiers skiing on the piste and skiers on the ski lift. In addition, getting rid of the T-bars at the destination points of the ski lifts requires a special skill. Chairlifts, which do not have such risks and allow skiers to rest during their journey, are more preferred by ski resorts than chairlifts.

There are basically 3 main types of ski profile with high maneuverability, which are common today: Camber (convex) Rocker (collapsed) Flat (flat) We often come across different combinations of these in modern skis.
Camber skis are the most common type of ski since ancient times. When you put the camber (pronounced: kembir) skis on a flat surface, you will see that the nose (front) and tail (back) parts of the skis touch the ground, and the middle part (belly) of the ski under the bindings rises slightly in a convex way. The longer this cambered part of the ski is and the higher the camber, the stronger the ski’s grip when pressure is applied to it. The lower this camber is, the more tolerant and controllable the ski is.

Rocker skis (pronounced rakır), also known as reverse camber. In rocker skis, the nose of the ski (sometimes the tail part) rises earlier than camber skis, and this causes the ground contact point to shift towards the middle of the ski. The shortness of the surface of the ski in contact with the snow ensures that the ski can easily move forward and be easily steered in heavy snow. Rocker skis offer the convenience of turning without applying pressure to the edges. The longer the rocker, the more stable and easy to control the ski. In addition, as the width of the rocker ski increases, their maneuverability also increases. The shorter the rocker, the more grip the ski provides.

Flat (flat in the middle) skis In flat (pronounced: flet) skis, the flat (flat) part is usually located between the nose and tail of the ski. If you put these skis on a flat surface, you will see that there is no gap between the ground and the ski. Usually the middle part (belly) under the bindings is completely flat, while the nose and sometimes the tail of the skis are rocker.

2022 Erciyes Ski Season Events

You can follow the Events to be held in 2022 here.
You can follow Erciyes snow level and erciyes snow thickness

Those who want to get ski education and training, to get the basics of skiing from an experienced and competent instructor, can reach us via our contact information.

Are you ready for the biggest winter festival?
Are you ready for the biggest winter festival?

Erciyest Winterfest is Coming Fully Coming! Famous Artists and fun to the fullest meet you at the New Year. Do not miss this fun, which is as full as the festival calendar!

2022 Erciyes Volleyball Tournament - Event
2022 Erciyes Volleyball Tournament - Event

2022 Erciyes Volleyball Tournament – Event
2022 / Sports Inc.
An international volleyball tournament will be held.

2022 Redbull Havuz PArtisi - Etkinlik
2022 Redbull Havuz PArtisi - Etkinlik

2022 Redbull Havuz PArtisi – Etkinlik
2022 / Spor A.Ş
Çeşitli yarışmalar ve etkinlikler sizleri bekliyor.

You can enjoy skiing with the difference of Legendary Veysel
Teacher and Karmen ski