+90 (532) 355 08 13


Weekdays : 08:00 – 19:00
Saturday: 08:00 – 20:00
Sunday: 08:00 – 20:00


Kayseri Develi Road Tekir Gate Parking Area No:39, Erciyes
Erciyes Ski Area, Kayseri

General Information

General Information about Erciyes Ski Center:

  • Erciyes Ski Center offers 42 skiing and snowboarding slopes. These slopes vary in difficulty levels, with blue, red, and black options.
  • The center has 16 mechanical facilities, including gondolas and cable cars.
  • There are 4 conveyor belts for ski and snowboard training, creating an ideal environment for those learning to ski or snowboard.
  • Conveyor belts for sledding are also available for those who want to enjoy sledding.
  • 17 snow grooming vehicles (snowcats) are used every night to maintain the slopes and apply snowboard and ski techniques.
  • With 147 artificial snow machines, the quality of snow is enhanced, allowing for quality skiing throughout the season.
  • Ski patrol teams and directional signs are in place on the slopes to ensure safety.
  • A health clinic, 15 hotels, ski and snowboard rental shops, restaurants, fast food outlets, cafes, and restrooms are available to enhance your experience.
  • Ticket sales offices are available to access the mechanical facilities, and controlled access is provided throughout the resort.
  • Erciyes Ski Center also offers consultation services for ski and snowboard training. You can reach their information hotline 24/7 at +905323550813 via phone or WhatsApp.
  • Guest satisfaction is of utmost importance, and the goal is to provide a comfortable, stress-free, and enjoyable winter vacation.