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What should we pay attention to while skiing on ski and snowboard slopes?


What should we pay attention to while skiing on ski and snowboard slopes?

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What should we pay attention to while skiing on ski and snowboard slopes?

Recommendations from the legendary teacher Veysel.

1) While skiing on the tracks, we should check our ski and snowboard equipment and bindings, let’s carry it by holding the bindings while carrying our ski, let’s not put it on the shoulder, because ski steels can damage our neck.
2) We need to check our ski & snowboard shoes and clothes, gloves, helmets and snow goggles
3) Especially in order not to lose our mobile phones, we need to connect our phone to our ski jacket with half a meter of elastic and rope-like material, because the possibility of losing mobile phones in ski jackets is very high in order not to be lost safely when we talk to our phone.
4) We need to pay attention to the suitability of the slope level differences while skiing on ski & snowboard tracks.
5) Before going to the ski & snowboard tracks in the ski resorts, we should definitely get the runways map from the hotels and read it as of the moment I get it.
6) Let’s not use our mobile phones while skiing on the ski slopes, if we need an urgent call, you can communicate with our mobile phones in the area where the skiers do not slip.
7) While sliding on the track, let’s not look left or right, let’s not distract ourselves, let’s look ahead.
8) Let’s not ski fast on the tracks where skiers are concentrated
9) If we apply skiing techniques if we do not know our reflexes and soles of our feet, our knees and the way we use body movements, our coordination, and our skill, let’s ski slowly.
10) Let’s ski in areas that are sparse in areas where there is density on the tracks
11) In foggy, heavy snowfall and stormy weather, let’s ski so that we can see our skiing distance at least 10 meters away, see the masts of (gondola) (chairlift) (tipar) (teleski) mechanical facilities and hear the sound broadcast if there is sound and music broadcast on the tracks, let’s not get away, let’s not lose the dirt, let’s not get lost
12) Let’s not chat and sit on the ski & snowboard slopes
13) Let’s obey runway safety and warnings and warning signs
14) First aid when you are inadequate on the tracks or if there is a problem when we go out on the tracks, when you cannot ski, call 155 and you will be helped.
15) Let’s ski on the ski & snowboard tracks where the snow crushers (sinoturaks) crush the tracks
16) For people and people who do not have skiing technique and performance reflex technique, let’s not ski on ski & snowboard tracks on slopes where snow is not crushed by snow crushers (sinotraks), for example, on deep snow and icy slopes, there is crusty snow cover and convex, always convex pit, bumpy track areas.
17) Let’s always ski on the slopes in areas where there are safety nets on the ski slopes and where there are signs that mark the right and left routes of the slopes.

What should we pay attention to while skiing on ski and snowboard slopes?