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Exercises To Do Before Skiing And Snowboarding


Exercises To Do Before Skiing And Snowboarding

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Exercises To Do Before Skiing And Snowboarding

1) Snowboarding

a) Flexibility and rotation are the most important skills you will need while snowboarding. To master the sport, the four basic ranges of motion need to be improved. To transfer the weight of your body from the toe to the heel edge:
toe-to-heel balance
b) Flexion and extension of the knees, ankles, and hips
c) Center zone rotation allowing controlled rotation in the air
d) The ability to shift weights between the front and back legs allows him to move the board with momentum while snowboarding.
e) You need to increase hip mobility with a snowboard-focused workout.
f) A three- to five-minute warm-up with Agility ladder equipment, side to side shuffle and box jump, box jumping is a perfect start. Squat; strengthens ankles, knees and hips. Try it while holding the medicine ball and standing on the BOSU. At the same time, you will increase your core strength.
g) While standing, rotate to the central area (body rotation with cable). While standing on the BOSU – can help strengthen your back and core and prevent muscle imbalances (one arm cable row).
h) Agility ladder variations – Drill up the ladder for 5 minutes
i) Side to side shuffle – Do the move for 4 x 45 seconds – Rest for 15 seconds
ı) Squat on bosu with medicine ball — Do the move for 4 x 45 seconds – rest for 15 seconds
j) Body rotation with cable 4 x 15 reps Rest 60 seconds (Do both sides)
k) One arm cable row on bosu– 4 x 15 reps rest 30 seconds (Do both sides.

2) Ski

a) Most people’s quadriceps are stronger than their hamstrings, so I recommend taking steps to correct this imbalance. Place one foot on a high surface such as a chair or box so that your front thigh is parallel to the floor. Get to the surface:
b) For a more challenging workout, do alternate lunges. Think of it as a series of steps for both legs. Be sure to include the classic deadlift or the more hamstring-intensive variation, the Romanian deadlift.
c) Agility ladder variations – drill on the ladder for 5 minutes
d) Side to side shuffle – Do the move for 4 x 45 seconds – Rest for 15 seconds
e) Step up on box with kettlebell – 4 x 8 reps rest 60 seconds (Do both sides)
f) Alternate lunges with kettlebell – 4x 8 reps rest 60 seconds (Do both sides)
g) Deadlift or romanian deadlift – 4x 15 reps rest for 60 seconds
h) Before you start your workouts, you must warm up. You should be honest with yourself when determining the weight you prefer to do the movements, the weight you lift or the extra repetitions you do will not give you an extra benefit.
i) You should definitely do the movements with the weight that will allow you to do the right position for the given number of repetitions. Do not forget to add relaxation movements at the end of the training!

Veysel Hodja Recommendation

a) Short brisk walks 30 minutes:
b) Stretching both feet and legs forward, backward, right and left for 5 minutes
c) Zigzag walks 20 minutes
d) Commando walking (zigzag) walks and descents in steep sloping terrain and areas 30 minutes
e) Jumping with a zigzag tempo on a 10-meter-long rope with a height of 15 cm
f) Chopping wood in the form of training with an ax like wood or similar
g) Going down with our knees forward in a zig-zag way and zig-zag tumble on high terrains with ski shoes.
h) Swimming
i) 5 minutes to do sit-ups on flat ground
ı) 5 minutes to touch the ground with both hands by bending down with our hands without bending the knees
k) jump rope 5 minutes
l) Bending both knees and touching our hips to the wall 5 minutes to the right and left
m) Good workouts.

Exercises To Do Before Skiing And Snowboarding